Code migration for mission-critical applications


LED Lighting: Reference software developed for NXP

Relogix: Support for 8051 microcontroller announced

Mimic/68K: Version 4.0 released for PowerPC, x86 and ARM

MicroAPLTM is the leading vendor of tools and services for migrating embedded, desktop, and mainframe software to new architectures.

Our flagship RelogixTM assembler-to-C translation tool is unique in making it possible to migrate assembler code not only to run on a different architecture, but to be transformed into solid, maintainable high-level source code.

Using advanced code-analysis techniques developed over twenty years, Relogix is capable of uncovering the true high-level meaning of low-level assembler source code.

Unlike many other vendors of translation tools and services, we publish extensive code samples to demonstrate the quality of the translated code:

Where source-code translation is not appropriate, MicroAPL can supply industrial-strength object-code solutions, including Mimic/68KTM, which allows code written for the 680x0 family to run unchanged on modern processors.

Supplying advanced code-translation tools, customized solutions, and comprehensive code migration services, for twenty years MicroAPL has been the vendor of choice for many of the world's leading companies faced with the problem of modernising legacy applications or keeping them running when the original hardware is no longer available.

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