MicroAPL Porting Tools

MicroAPL offers a range of translation tools, virtual machines and instruction emulators, designed to help you migrate software from one processor architecture (such as the 680x0) to another (such as the POWER Architecture).

The range currently comprises:

Relogix, MicroAPL's industrial-strength assembler-to-C translator which takes assembler source as input, and converts it into readable, structured, commented C source - in a truly natural C style.

PortAsm, MicroAPL's well-established translation tool which automatically ports assembly-language source code from one architecture to optimized, high-performance assembly-language source for a different architecture.

Mimic/68K, a Virtual Machine which allows 680x0 object code - including operating systems and applications - to run unchanged on POWER Architecture, X86 and ARM processors

A number of older embedded tools have now been withdrawn but are still available here.