APLX for Linux (Personal Edition) Version 1.1

APLX for Linux Personal Edition Version 1.1 is a full, unrestricted implementation of Version 1 of APLX, with full development environment and user-interface programming facilities, similar to those provided on the Windows and Macintosh Version 1.1 products. (The only omission is that it does not include the APLX Packager required to build standalone APL applications.) It runs on most modern x86 desktop Linux distributions including Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe, and Debian (for more details on supported distibutions, see the APLX support and trouble-shooting page). It comes with full documentation in HTML and PDF format, and includes the APLX font for X-Windows in a range of sizes. Workspaces are fully compatible with all other versions of APLX.

Please note that this free Personal Edition of APLX for Linux is not for commercial use. Please read the Software Licence Agreement before downloading.

If you would like to buy a commercial licence, or upgrade to the exciting new Version 4 of APLX for Linux, please click here.

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