APLXTM : Advanced cross-platform APL

APLX has been withdrawn from commercial sale but can be downloaded free of charge

APLX was launched in 2002 as a successor to APL.68000. In developing the product, MicroAPL made extensive use of a number of third-party software components, which allowed us to offer a high-quality user-interface on multiple platforms. Some of the technologies on which it relies are now obsolete, and it is becoming increasingly hard to maintain the product on modern systems. Following a careful review of the technical options, MicroAPL has concluded that it is not sensible for us to put in place the major investment which would be required to extend the life of the product. Accordingly, have decided to stop selling the product, and we will be withdrawing from the APL market in order to concentrate entirely on our successful porting tools business, which now accounts for the largest part of our sales revenues.

In order to provide help APLX users continue to use the APL language, we have teamed up with Dyalog Ltd, a company we have known for many years and which continues to invest substantial resources in APL. The arrangements we are jointly putting in place are as follows:

  • With effect from 11th July 2016, APLX will no longer be available from MicroAPL. Instead, Dyalog will host an APLX website (http://www.dyalog.com/aplx.htm) from which the existing Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, MacOS and Linux versions of APLX will be downloadable free of charge on an 'as-is' basis.
  • Dyalog will also host the APLX documentation pages.
  • MicroAPL will of course continue to honour all existing contractual support obligations, but we will not be providing formal support for APLX or renewing support contracts in the future. Instead, APLX users are encouraged to visit the APLX Support Forum (http://microapl.freeforums.org) for community support. MicroAPL and Dyalog will both monitor the forum and will endeavour to assist with queries on an informal basis.
  • Dyalog will offer APLX users a free non-commercial Dyalog APL licence.
  • APLX users are encouraged to contact Dyalog to discuss eventually migrating their applications to Dyalog APL so as to ensure the long-term future of their APL code bases.