MicroAPL Porting Services

Sometimes porting tools, no matter how good, are not enough, either because the problem requires special solutions, or because you do not have enough suitable resources available in house to handle a port. In such cases, MicroAPL's highly skilled consultants can help - as we have helped some of the world's largest software companies. (See here for examples of some of the projects we have worked on.)

MicroAPL Ltd has extensive experience of porting software of all types to new architectures, and can provide consultancy services either on a turnkey basis, or in collaboration with your own staff. Examples of the kinds of problem which we are expert in solving are:

  • Porting assembler code to new environments
  • Cleaning up the C code produced automatically by Relogix and making any necessary modifications to overcome any portability issues (such as byte-ordering differences between the source and target architectures)
  • Adapting C or Pascal code to fit in with the new runtime architecture found on RISC systems, such as the EABI standard for embedded POWER Architecture software
  • Re-coding applications which generate object code dynamically
  • Re-targetting compiler back-ends to generate object code for different processors
  • Improving the performance of code which has been re-compiled for a RISC architecture, but which may have been written in a way which performs poorly on newer systems
  • Advising on mixed-mode ports where software is partly native and partly emulated
  • Developing special tools to help with specific porting problems

If you require further information please contact us.