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The Chart object is a control which can display a range of different business, statistical and scientific graphs. The actual data which is displayed in the graph is held in one or more Series objects.

The types of chart which can be displayed include Line, Area, Scatter, Bar, Stacked Bar, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Stacked Bar, High-Low-Open-Close, and Candlestick graphs. You can also mix different graph types on a single Chart.

For full details, see the separate section on the Chart and Series Objects


[1]   ⍝ Sample bar chart (See workspace 10 SAMPLESCHART for more examples)
[2]   W←'⎕' ⎕NEW 'Window' ⋄ W.title←'Beer Consumption' ⋄ W.visible←3
[3]   W.Ch.New 'Chart' ⋄ W.Ch.align←¯1 ⋄ W.Ch.type←'bar'
[4]   W.Ch.title←'Thirsty people'
[5]   W.Ch.subtitle←'Beer sales per head of population'
[6]   W.Ch.note←'Source: The Economist Pocket World in Figures, 2004'
[7]   W.Ch.yaxislabel←'Retail Sales per head, litres'
[8]   W.Ch.s1.New 'Series' ⋄ W.Ch.s1.color←374479
[9]   W.Ch.s1.values←85.8 76.7 73.9 69.9 69.7 66.6 64.7 64.5 49 40.2 38.6 31.7
[10]  labels←'Czech Republic' 'Venezuela' 'Germany' 'Denmark' 'S.Africa' 
[11]  labels←labels,'Austria' 'US' 'Australia' 'Canada' 'Belgium' 'Japan' 'UK'
[12]  W.Ch.xlabels←labels
[13]  ⍝
[14]  ⍝ Wait for the user to close the window
[15]  0 0⍴⎕WE W


align anchors aquaadjust autodraw axiswidth barwidth bitmap border caption children class color coloraxis colorgrid colorlegend colornote colortitle data doublebuffered dragsource droptarget enabled events extent font fontaxis fontlegend fontnote fonttitle gridwidth handle linewidth margin maxsize methods minsize monochrome name note opened order picture placelegend placenote placetitle pointer properties scale self size sourceformats style subtitle svg tabstop targetformats tie type units update visible where winptr workarea xaltintercept xaxislabel xintercept xlabels xlogscale xmajorticks xminorticks xscale yaltaxislabel yaltlabels yaltlogscale yaltmajorticks yaltminorticks yaltscale yaxislabel yintercept ylabels ylogscale ymajorticks yminorticks yscale


Chartalttopoint Charttopoint Click Clienttoscreen Close Copy Create Delete Draw Focus Hide New Open Paint Pointtochart Pointtochartalt Print Resize Save Screentoclient Send Set Show Trigger


onClick onClose onDblClick onDestroy onDragDrop onDragEnd onDragEnter onDragLeave onDragOver onDragStart onFocus onHide onKeyDown onKeyPress onKeyUp onMouseDown onMouseMove onMouseUp onOpen onSend onShow onUnFocus

Topic: APLX Help : System Classes : List of Classes : Chart
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