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The Progress class implements the 'progress bar' control, typically used to display the progress of a long operation such as copying a large number of files.

Progress properties

The main Progress properties are:

style: The basic style is 0 for a vertical control. Add 1 to make it use smooth increments (recommended), and add 2 to make it a horizontal control (not needed for MacOS - the orientation is deduced from the where property).

value: Up to 4 integers of Position, Maximum, Step, Minimum.

range: A two-element integer vector giving the minimum and maximum values (default 0 100)

increment: An integer scalar giving the amount by which the value will change when the StepIt method is run. without an argument

Progress method

StepIt: Increment the value. If called with no arguments, the progress bar value is increased by the increment property. If called with an argument (integer scalar), it increments by the amount specified.


[1]   ⍝ Sample function demonstrating use of the Progress object
[2]   ⍝ Default is progress bar from 0 to 100
[3]   DEMO←'⎕' ⎕NEW 'Dialog' ⋄ DEMO.title←'Progress Example'
[4]   DEMO.myProgress.New 'Progress' ⋄ DEMO.myProgress.where←2 1
[5]   DEMO.myProgress.scale←1 ⋄←1
[6]   ⍝
[7]   ⍝ Must show window now, otherwise if won't appear until after loop below
[8]   DEMO.Show
[9]   ⍝
[10]  :For N :In ⍳10
[11]    X←⎕DL 0.3
[12]    DEMO.myProgress.value←(N×10)
[13]  :EndFor
[14]  ⍝
[15]  ⍝ Wait for the user to close the window
[16]  0 0⍴⎕WE DEMO


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Topic: APLX Help : System Classes : List of Classes : Progress
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