Relogix™ Sample Translation (68K)

This sample translation is part of an implementation of the TCP/IP protocol, written in 68K assembler. It includes the source for a simple loopback driver, so that if you compile the translated C source you can actually run the 'Ping' utility.

You can either take a quick look at a short excerpt from the translation, or download the full translation.

Quick look

Click on the links below to display a short excerpt from the sample source assembler and automatically-generated C in your browser:

Assembler source
Relogix translation

Full sample translation

Click on the link below to download the full sample translation (assembler source files and translated C sources):

Download the full sample (ZIP file, 382KB)

This has much more information about the translation process and illustrates different stages in the conversion, the initial translation shown here and a later stage where Relogix has been guided to improve the code.