Relogix™ Code Samples

Unlike many other vendors of translation tools and services, we publish extensive code samples to demonstrate the quality of the translated code.

Please note that the sample translations show the raw output of Relogix before our engineers have worked on cleaning up the final code.

  • Sample (x86)
    This sample translation uses a simple implementation of a Calculator program, written in x86 assembler.
  • Sample (68K)
    This sample translation is part of an implementation of the TCP/IP protocol, written in 68K assembler
  • Samples (IBM mainframe)
    Three examples of IBM mainframe HLASM assembler translated to C, a set of Date Conversion routines, a guessing game and a File Compression utility.
  • Sample (8051)
    This sample translation uses the source code of a software-implemented I2C driver for the 80C51 based microcontroller.
  • Sample (PIC)
    This sample translation shows an implementation of the Skipjack encryption algorithm translated from PIC assembler to C.
  • Sample (6502)
    This sample uses some code to implement the XMODEM file transfer protocol, written for the 65C02.
  • Other chips
    MicroAPL is often able to handle assembler code for processors not supported by Relogix.