Relogix™ Sample Translation (IBM™ Mainframe)

This page presents several sample translations of IBM mainframe assembler code. Except where noted, the source code of these examples was obtained from the CBT Tape web site:

All assembler code is written for the IBM High Level Assembler (HLASM).

Quick look

Click on the links below to display the sample source assembler and automatically-generated C in your browser:

  1. The first example comes from a set of Date Conversion routines written by Jay Moseley (All rights acknowledged).

    The C code shown is exactly as produced by Relogix, prior to any hand cleanup by our engineer.

    Assembler source
    Relogix translation

    If you download the full sample translation (below) you can try an executable version of the translated code and read in detail about how the translation was done.

  2. The second example is a guessing game in which you need to feed hungry zoo animals, written by Keith Fenske (All rights acknowledged).

    Again the C code shown is exactly as produced by Relogix, prior to cleanup.

    Assembler source
    Relogix translation

    The original assembler source code for this example comes from here.

  3. The third example is a File Compression utility written for an IBM mainframe running OS/390 by Jeff Kaplan (All rights acknowledged).

    Assembler source
    Relogix translation

    Full sample translation

    Click on the link below to download a full sample translation of the Date Conversion code. This includes the original assembler source file and the translated C source at various stages in the conversion process. Full documentation on the sample is included:

    Download a full sample (ZIP file, 553KB)


    More information on Relogix is contained in the following documents

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