Embedded software development

Although MicroAPL's core business is helping companies with code migration problems, we also carry out general embedded software development work. Recent examples have included the following projects for NXP (formerly Freescale Semiconductor Inc), all of which involve writing software for reference designs which NXP provides to their customers.

Embedded software for controlling high-brightness LEDs

CIE1932 color space diagram

Modern high brightness LEDs, capable of delivering many lumens and with controllable colour, are changing the lighting market.

In this application, MicroAPL developed control software for a set of boards designed for driving very high brightness LEDs using the industry-standard DMX512/RDM and DALI protocols.

Further information can be found here

Embedded software for audio playback

Audio Demo splash screen

This reference design demonstrates how to drive a variety of different audio hardware DACs and codecs using an NXP Kinetis microprocessor and its I2S audio interface.

Careful use of background threads, memory optimisation and DMA means that the audio board is capable of decoding 192kHz 24-bit (studio-quality) compressed audio data streamed from a PC.

Supported formats include FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WAV using popular open source libraries.

Embedded software for IoT sensor board

Sensor Demo splash screen

Another reference design for NXP involves a number of FRDM-IOT sensor boards equipped with a large set of sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, GPS receiver, and sensors for altitude, pressure, ambient light, temperature and humidity.

The FRDM-IOT sensor boards communicate with a USB dongle plugged into a PC using a sub-GHz radio. An application on the PC allows the sensors on each board to be individually controlled and the sensor values to be displayed.

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