MicroAPL Consultancy Services

MicroAPL's consultants, based in the UK, have a very wide range of expertise. For example:

  • Our experts in code migration and system software offer unrivalled expertise in Porting Services, especially for porting software from assembler to C, for mainframe, desktop and embedded applications.
  • We have developed major desktop and embedded systems covering a wide range of application areas. Our clients have included many major organizations such as Apple Computer, Philips, EMC, DaimlerChrysler, Alcatel, Honeywell, Experian, Flextronics, Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor/NXP, Metrowerks, BAe, Novell/WordPerfect, Nortel, Schneider, and Reuters.
  • Other examples of our work include due-diligence investigations for venture capitalists, to assess the technology of software-based companies.