Embedded Tools Development Partners

MicroAPL's development and porting tools are designed to be compatible with many of the leading embedded development toolsets. In particular, we work closely with the following partners:


Freescale Semiconductor (now NXP) commissioned the development of our three Coldfire products:

  • PortAsm/68K for ColdFire
  • CF68KLib
  • ColdFire Init

These tools allow developers to rapidly move existing 680x0 based code to the full range of ColdFire CPUs.

Freescale Semiconductor also commissioned the development of the following products:

  • PortAsm/68K for M·CORE, allowing 680x0 code to be migrated to their range of M·CORE CPUs.
  • MACInit, a graphical tool for generating code to initialize the MAC7100 family of embedded processors


Metrowerks, Inc have developed the CodeWarrior® integrated development environment which includes support for C, C++, Pascal and Java® and is currently hosted on Windows, MacOS, Solaris® and Linux. These tools can currently target a number of embedded operating systems and processors.

Our PortAsm range of products is fully compatible with the CodeWarrior IDE and the assemblers it provides for the embedded environments, for ColdFire and POWER Architecture targets. PortAsm is available as a plug-in to run directly under CodeWarrior, providing a tightly-integrated and easy-to-use development and debugging environment.

Wind River Systems Tornado®, VxWorks®, Diab® and SingleStep®

Tornado and VxWorks from Wind River Systems, Inc together provide a sophisticated development environment and powerful RTOS integrated into a complete solution for embedded development, targeting a wide range of processors. The Gnu compilers, assemblers and linkers are usually used for Tornado development.

PortAsm/68K for POWER Architecture, PortAsm/86 for POWER Architecture and Mimic/68K are compatible with Tornado, VxWorks and the Gnu tools, allowing WindRiver clients to migrate legacy 680x0 code to POWER Architecture targets using Tornado.

SingleStep® is one of the leading debuggers/development environments for both the POWER Architecture and ColdFire architectures.

All of MicroAPL's embedded products are fully compatible with SingleStep, in conjunction with the Diab Data and Metaware compilers, assemblers and linkers. This means that SingleStep can be used to debug code translated with PortAsm/68K for ColdFire, PortAsm/68K for PowerPC, and PortAsm/86 for PowerPC.

Click here for a screen shot showing SingleStep debugging x86 code translated to the PowerPC architecture using PortAsm.

Mentor GraphicsMicrotec® Development Tools

The Microtec family of tools from Mentor Graphics Corporation includes compilers, assemblers, linkers, and the XRAY® debugging and development environment, targeting a wide range of embedded processor architectures.

MicroAPL's PortAsm/68K translators accept 680x0 source code in Microtec format. PortAsm/68K for ColdFire and CF68KLib are compatible with the Microtec ColdFire tools and ASMCF assembler. PortAsm/68K for POWER Architecture and Mimic/68K can be used in conjunction with XRAY to provide an integrated development, code translation and source-level debugging environment.

Other supported toolsets

In addition to the above, our PortAsm, Mimic/68K and CF68KLib porting products have also been tested in conjunction with the following embedded development tools:

  • Tasking Inc: Development Environment and CrossView debugger (POWER Architecture)
  • IBM PowerPC/POWER tools
  • Gnu compiler, assembler, linker and debugger (POWER/PowerPC, ColdFire, 80x86 and M·CORE)