PortAsm/68K™ for MCore

Translate Assembly-Language to C using Relogix

Please note that PortAsm/68K for M·CORE is an older tool which is no longer supported. See here for our current range.

Freescales's M·CORE® microRISC architecture is designed to bring good performance to a whole new class of applications, whilst still providing a compact, cost-effective solution and minimizing power consumption. It is aimed at battery-powered, wireless, and handheld applications like digital phones, personal digital assistants and GPS receivers, as well as automotive products like braking systems and engine control.

The architecture is based on RISC principles, but uses 16-bit instructions in order to minimize code size. Although very different to the 680x0 instruction set, the M·CORE programming model can provide an excellent environment for running existing 680x0 code. PortAsm/68K for M·CORE is an optimizing source-level translation tool which is designed to help you port 680x0 assembly-language programs to M·CORE. It can be used to target any member of the M·CORE family, provides good performance, and is easy to use.

Key features of PortAsm/68K for M·CORE

  • Source-level translation - PortAsm reads your 680x0, CPU32 or CPU32+ source files, and writes out M·CORE-compatible translated files
  • Sophisticated analysis allows PortAsm to generate efficient M·CORE code
  • Supports all the major M·CORE toolsets, including SDS-Diab, Gnu, and Metrowerks tools
  • Can be used as part of a standard build procedure using standard 'make' files or a development environment such as Microsoft Visual C++
  • Can automatically generate debugging directives so you can debug at the source level
  • Can be downloaded from this site free of charge! (The current PortAsm/68K for M·CORE version is 1.0.0)

Interoperability with other MicroAPL tools

PortAsm/68K for M·CORE can be used in conjunction with Relogix for translating legacy code partly to M·CORE assembler and partly to C. It can also be used in conjunction with Mimic/68K for mixing translated and emulated code.

And, best of all, thanks to a special agreement between MicroAPL and Freescale Semiconductor, PortAsm/68K for M·CORE is available for download free of charge! Just fill in this Registration Form, and you can download full, unrestricted versions of these products, together with full documentation. (Usage of the software is subject to the PortAsm/68K for M·CORE license agreement).