PortAsm™ Pricing & Ordering

PortAsm/68K for POWER Architecture
PortAsm/68K for 80x86
PortAsm/68K for ARM
PortAsm/86 for POWER Architecture

Pricing is based on the host operating system, and there are no royalties payable on distribution of the translated code.


Price (US Dollars)

Windows, x86 Linux



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Terms and Conditions

All versions include:

  • The PortAsm translator, hosted on one of the supported host environments
  • PortAsm Reference Manual
  • Sample translations
  • 90 days' free PortAsm Support Service contract

Specific versions may also include 'glue' files and support libraries as shown in the accompanying documention.

Prices are for a non-transferable single-machine software licence. Under the terms of the licence, you are not permitted to use PortAsm to provide translation services to third parties, unless a separate copy of PortAsm is purchased for each third party for whom you carry out the service. All intellectual property rights in the translated application remain with the owner of the original program. No royalties are payable to MicroAPL on distribution of the translated application. PortAsm is a tool to assist the porting of assembler programs, and customers should understand that some modifications to the original source are likely to be necessary for the translated code to work correctly under the target runtime architecture.

Taxes and other charges

U.K. Value Added Tax may be applicable. Please contact MicroAPL for a firm quotation. Prices shown are payable to MicroAPL Ltd in the UK without deduction of any Withholding Tax or similar local levies which may apply in the jurisdiction in which you operate.

Older versions of PortAsm

Please see here for information about older versions of PortAsm. Please note that these are no longer actively maintained or supported.