MicroAPL Tools for ColdFire® Freescale ColdFire site

Please note that these ColdFire tools for older processors are no longer supported. See here for our current range.

MicroAPL offers the following tools for the Freescale Semiconductor (now NXP) ColdFire family of processors:

  • ColdFire Init, a tool which generates initialization code for ColdFire processors
  • PortAsm/68K for ColdFire, a translation tool which converts Motorola 680x0 and CPU32 assembler source to ColdFire assembler
  • CF68KLib, an emulation library which allows 680x0 object code to run on ColdFire CPUs (version 3 and later cores)

Since these were developed on behalf of Freescale Semiconductor (now NXP), they can be downloaded free of charge from this site.

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