PortAsm/68K for ColdFire

Please note that PortAsm/68K for ColdFire is an older tool which is no longer supported. See here for our current range.

Key features of PortAsm/68K for ColdFire

  • Source-level translation - PortAsm reads your 680x0, CPU32 or CPU32+ source files, and writes out ColdFire-compatible translated files
  • Sophisticated analysis allows PortAsm to generate efficient ColdFire code
  • Supports all the major ColdFire toolsets, including Metrowerks CodeWarrior and SingleStep from Software Development Systems, and the Diab Data, Microtec, and Gnu assemblers and linkers
  • Can be used as part of a standard build procedure using standard 'make' files or a development environment such as Microsoft Visual C++
  • Targets ColdFire Version 2, Version 3 or Version 4 cores, with either hardware- or software-divide logic and optional use of the Multiply-Accumulate Unit
  • Can automatically generate debugging directives so you can debug at the source level
  • Available in versions for Windows, and x86 Linux

PortAsm/68K for ColdFire is available for download free of charge! Just click here to download the full, unrestricted version of the product, together with full documentation. (Usage of the software is subject to the PortAsm/68K for ColdFire license agreement