CK68KLib: 68K Emulation for ColdFire

Please note that CF68KLib is an older tool which is no longer supported. See here for our current range.

Key features of CF68KLib

  • Emulation library provided as a set of exception handlers, to implement 680x0, CPU32 and CPU32+ instructions and addressing modes missing from the ColdFire architecture.
  • Available to run user-level code only, or user- and supervisor-level code. You can even run a whole 680x0 RTOS under CF68KLib!
  • Runs code written in any language, typically with no modifications (in a few special cases you may need to be modify or patch the original code slightly).
  • Provided as a code-generator utility (under Windows Linux) which allows you to specify which 680x0 family processor you wish to emulate, and to tune the generated code to your requirements. The utility then generates ColdFire assembly-language source code compatible with the major ColdFire toolsets.
  • Runs on Version 3 and later ColdFire cores only.

CF68KLib is available for download free of charge! Just click here to download the full, unrestricted version of the product, together with full documentation. (Usage of the software is subject to the CF68KLib license agreement